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St. Lucas Robotics

2018-19 VEX IQ Challenge

VEX - Changing Lives

Programming with Scratch

Set Up Your Scratch Account

VEX IQ uses a form of block script programming.  Scratch is an easy introduction into this type of programming. 

Click on the Scratch button below to set up your student account.

Modkit Programming Download and Information

We wil use Modkit and not ROBOTC.


Intro to Scratch Programming

Intro to..


--Engineering Professions


Hardware Vocab

Start to build clawbot

First Meeting

Sept. 11

Finish Setting up Scratch Accts

First Scratch Lesson

Engineering Design Process

    -Lesson in Edu Book pg C4

    -Short Video

Robotics Design Books


    -hand out Robotics Design Process

Make First Team Entry


TEAM Meeting

Sept. 18

Engineering Notebooks


    -Team Pic 

    -First Entry

First Scratch Lesson - IF THEN Statements

    -short video

    -last lesson of lesson one



TEAM Meeting

Sept. 25

Engineering Notebooks


Gear Ratios

    -G2 - DC Motors

    -G3 - Gear Ratios



TEAM Meeting

October 2

Engineering Notebooks


Key Concepts

    -F2 - Friction

    -F3 - Center of Gravity



TEAM Meeting

October 16

Engineering Notebooks


Key Concepts

    -F4 - Speed, Torque, and Power

    -F5 - Mechanical Advantage



TEAM Meeting

October 23

What to Expect

Team meetings will be almost every Tuesday after school to 4pm.  During team meetings we will spend 15-20mins on coding

20mins on a lesson

40mins on engineering notebooks and building

Other Details

Challenge Research

How to Make a 4 Bar Lift


Creating Your Claw

21 points!

22 points! Hanging Robots

Driver skills.

Omni wheels with scissors lift

Autonomous - 8 points

Hanging - 19 points Driver Skills

Engineering Notebook

Design Award

The Design Award is based off team engineering notebooks and interview with the judges.  The interview will take place at a time separate from STEM Project judging. A top scoring design notebook will include:

  • Identify the challenge(s) - Describes the challenge at the start of each design process iteration with words and pictures, and states the team's’ goals for accomplishing that challenge

  • Brainstorm Solutions - Lists 3 or more possible approaches to the challenge with labeled diagrams

  • Select the best approach and plan - Explains why the selected approach was chosen and why the other alternatives were not chosen. Fully describes the plan

  • Build, Program and Test - Records the building, programming and test processes and the test results in such detail that someone outside the team could recreate the robot by following the steps in the notebook

  • Repeat process steps, if needed - Contains a complete history of the design process iterations for the season that resulted in the current robot design, repeating the steps above for each iteration

  • Complete and organized document of Robot Design Process - Contains Project and Team Assignments, Entries from team meetings, with goals, decisions and accomplishments, and recorders’ names or initials and dates. Indexed so that anyone can easily locate any needed information

  • Team demonstrates effective management of skills, time, and material resources - Includes an overall project timeline against which progress is checked regularly as well as daily goals and accomplishments. Documents the assignments of each team member based on skills and availability.

3 bonus points for a bound notebook

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