Sunday School Lessons

Since we cannot gather for Sunday School please download each week's lesson worksheet by clicking the title or picture. Please read through the lesson with your children and work through the questions on the second page. Challenge yourself to learn the memory work and make use of the prayer as a family. If you would like to work through the online Bible study with your family at home please click here. The Lord bless your time together in his Word.

Before Jesus left this earth by ascending into heaven, he taught his disciples and promised to send them the Holy Spirit to guide them as they began his church. We trust that our risen and ascended Savior will also teach and guide us through his Word and send the Holy Spirit to help us share that Word.

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Throughout his life, Jesus did many miracles that showed his power as God’s Son. In this lesson we learn about his most glorious miracle— rising from the dead. By his resurrection, Jesus showed the world that he truly is God’s Son and the Savior.

An additional craft idea to go along with this lesson is available here.

This lesson shows Jesus continuing his work of paying for our sins by allowing himself to be crucified. We thank and praise Jesus for being willing to suffer and die to earn salvation for us. 

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We are beginning Bible lessons that tell us about Jesus’ suffering and death. On the evening before Jesus died, he met with his disciples to eat the Passover meal. Jesus also gave another meal to his disciples and all other believers. We call it the Lord’s Supper. Listen to find out why Jesus gave the Lord’s Supper to his disciples.

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Jesus showed his power over death by bringing a 12-year old girl back to life. What a comfort it is to know that Jesus has the power to raise us to eternal life heaven! This lesson is especially timely as we face the outbreak of disease and face other uncertainties in life. The Lord who has power over death uses his power to guide our lives in the way he knows is best for us until he raises us from our graves to live with him forever heaven.

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