Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild ensures the chancel and other worship spaces are prepared for worship. They care for the linens, paraments and other altar cloths.  They maintain the communion ware and prepare the elements for each service.  If you would be interested in serving on this committee please contact our worship pastor, Tim Henning and he will be happy to go over the details of your responsibilities as a member of this committee and put you on the schedule.  


Our usher teams fulfill an important role in every service.  They ensure the church is open and ready for every service and see to it that members and guests have everything they need for edifying worship.  If you would like to be on an usher team please contact worship pastor, Tim Henning and he will assign you to a team and put you on the ushering schedule. 

Organists and Musicians

St. Lucas is served by three dedicated organists, Laura Schulz, Coralee Henning, and Ellen Stevenson.  Each weekend one of our organist practices to accompany the service and hymn singing and offer a prelude, postlude and offertory.  In addition to the main accompaniment of the services St. Lucas invites other instrumentalists (guitar, woodwinds, brass) to join our organists in using their God-given talents to add extra accompaniment or descants to the service settings.  If you are proficient in a musical instrument and would like to offer your talents as part of one of our services please speak to our worship pastor, Tim Henning and he will find ways of including you in an upcoming service.  

Choir and Vocalists

Our choir, under the direction of Coralee Henning, is open to any confirmed members of the congregation.  The choir meets on Wednesdays during the school year at 7pm in the church balcony for rehearsal. The choir is called upon to sing various parts of our services throughout the school year and also sings a few times a year at community nursing homes. From time to time soloists or small groups are also called upon to sing parts of our services. If you are interested in joining the choir come to a rehearsal at anytime. If your schedule does not allow for our regular choir rehearsal but you would like to be considered for a solo or small group opportunity, please contact Coralee Henning or worship pastor, Tim Henning and they will look for a place to include you on the singing schedule.   

Building and Grounds

We also glorify God and point to the importance of what goes in our facilities by faithful upkeep to our buildings and grounds. Currently our buildings and grounds are served by committee chairmen Brad Homuth and Kevin Kempf. They oversee our church and school janitors and any other volunteers who help clean and maintain our properties. They are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to know how you can help please contact the office and we will get you in contact with our building and grounds chairmen.  Click the project link below for current needs.    

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