The Christ Encounter

What if you had the opportunity to interview your favorite celebrity and ask him anything you wanted about his life? What if afterward that person invited you to tour his home or have dinner with his family? It would probably be the experience of a lifetime.


Not too many of us will get the opportunity to hang out with someone famous, but all of us have the opportunity to encounter the most important historical figure of all time at any time we want. One of the great aspects of Jesus’ love for us is that he is not a distant God who is too important to associate with his people. Jesus invites us to draw near to him in his Word, the Bible, so we can get to know him better, find strength in him for our lives, and certainty for our future. In his Word, Jesus speaks tenderly to us and tells us everything he did to secure a place for us in heaven. He assures us of the peace we have with God the Father through the sacrifice he made for our sins on the cross. In his Word, he shepherds us every step of the way to the heaven he has won for us. 


Whether you know this Jesus well or have just started to learn about him, the Christ Encounter is a two-day seminar that will help participants grow in their understanding and appreciation of their Savior, Jesus. Those new to St. Lucas Lutheran Church will also come away with a good understanding of what our congregation believes and teaches about Jesus and his Word. While there is no obligation to join the church after the seminar, our hope for prospective members is that they would see that St. Lucas is a congregation that listens to the voice of their Shepherd, Jesus, and is a congregation that would love and encourage them on their journey to heaven.


There is no cost or obligation to attend the seminar. Meals, snacks, and childcare are available. The class is ideal for adult and teen-aged learners, but pre-teens and younger children may wish to attend with their parents. We would be privileged to have you join us for this seminar and know you will be uplifted during this weekend of growing in Jesus’ promises.  To the right is the schedule for the class. If you are interested in attending please register by clicking here. If the weekend seminar format does not work for you please contact Pastor Hoogervorst about setting up an individual lesson on a weekly basis for about 10 weeks: 262-626-2680 ext 18 or

The Christ Encounter Schedule

March  6 and 7, 2021

Below is a typical schedule for the Christ Encounter. Please contact us to set up a seminar for a weekend that works with your schedule. 


Saturday,  March 6

Encountering Christ’s Word
       8:30 am             Continental Breakfast
       9:00 am             Welcome and Introductions
       9:30 am             The Great Exchange
       10:00 am           What is the Bible?
       10:30 am           Break
       10:45 am           What is the Bible About?
       11:15 am           Getting Familiar with the Bible
       11:30 pm           Video Presentation
       12:00 pm           Lunch 

Encountering the Father, Son and Spirit 
       12:30 pm           How do we know there is a God?
       1:00 pm             Who is the one true God?
       2:00 pm             Who are Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit?
       3:00 pm             Break

Encountering Christ’s Grace (Part 1)
       3:15 pm             What is the Work of Jesus Christ?
       4:30 pm             What is the Work of the Holy Spirit?
       5:00 pm             Dismissal

Sunday, March 7


Encountering Christ in Worship
Participants in "The Christ Encounter” are cordially invited to attend our normally scheduled weekend activities:

        8 or 10:30 am     Worship
       9:15 am                Bible Class

Encountering Christ’s Grace (Part 2)
       11:45 am            Lunch 
       12:15 pm           What do Jesus and the Holy Spirit do in Baptism?
       1:00 pm              What do Jesus and the Holy Spirit do in                                                        Communion?
       2:00 pm              Break

Encountering Christ’s Church
       2:15 pm              What and where is Christ’s Church?
       3:15 pm              What will Christ do for his Church in the end?
       4:00 pm              Dismissal